Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Good side or bad side.

There's a battle going on between good and bad between God the creator and Satan and his demonic army .The devil keeps coming back it's a stubborn spirit and his demons obey his oders to keep human being in captivity by blinding their spiritual eyes .Someone carnal living by his flesh living for his own pleasure does not know about the spiritual things.Demonic spirit must after the human body to be able to do their evil work.There's nothing more powerful than the name of Jesus he is the name above all names every knees shall bow before jesus ,there's no other name than his name given by God by which man can be saved he is the door to heaven , the bread of life .The good shepherd ,he loved us first and in return is waiting for us to accept him in our life so that he may guides us in the plan of peace he has for us.

The blessing and favour of God is for his children but yet he is still calling for those who don't know his goodness yet,he is waiting patiently making the call daily knocking on the door of your heart waiting for you to open it so that he may have super with you ,so that he may heal and restore you.Someone who open up his heart to God is on the road of healing (body ,soul and mind)toose areas in our life that Satan and his demon Satan kept  in captivity.The devil and his demons are liars deceptive spirit who know only one thing to kill ,steal and destroy Satan price made him become a fallen Angel who once had the glory but later lost it to become a deceptive spirit.

What jesus had done when he came on this earth was to reverse and destroy every thing Satan and his demon has done on this earth since the falling of Adam and eve .Jesus knows exactly every difficult situation that a human being face on this earth and he has the solution to each of our problem to get the solution we must obey his instruction and live by them on a daily basis ,never had and never will God, jesus or the holy spirit force us to do something that we don't like.There two road from which people can chose what they want to do either the road of abundant life or eternal death.God look after the heart forbitsctge source of life what kind of river is flowing from your source is it joy hapiness and abundance or is it pain suffering or bad decision accompanied with bad harvest in your life .

Is it that you are asking question about what you did that made things go wrong in your life !

Then its time to make up your mind and take some good decision for your future and work on it.

God will help you if you ask him to.

(End of part 1)...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Praise Him.

A praising life style is  not  to be practice only when good things come into your life ,Praising life style is also when you are in the midst of a storm that is taking days ,month or years to go away .Praising the almighty is a way of thanking him for his presence in your life,for his protection in your every step ,for his joy even though tears fall from your eyes  when you lay on your bed at night.
Praising God is telling him how great he is  and how much you appreciate his intervention in your life ,praising is thanking him making him know that without him you would have been able to make it through the day.
Praise him during good and bad time ,praise him during  good and bad days .Praise him in all your circumstance .Be thankful always .
Praise him...

Monday, October 13, 2014

It takes time to build something strong that will last for a life time.what's the base for it?Every small dream become a big one with lots of faith and determination.keep your eyes focus on thw dream-maker believe with all of your heart that he's going to make it happen.Rise up in confidence we were all created to make something different.Trust in yourself and the one who creatwd you,one step at a time.It won't all happen instantly or else it would have been call coffee not dream pray about it with a sincere heart .

Monday, August 11, 2014

If it would not have been for you
 i would have quit since long.
If i didn't felt all the love ,
i would have gone far long ago.
Without any hesitation i can say that
 you are surely the one for me ,
 you are the one who understand me .
That love you have for me  
is something we have in common ,
  to have you by my side is a daily joy.
Together we have walked a long way
 though storms came on our way
you are my  solid rock , i overcome every obstacles.
Yes i am so glad that you are in my life .
i need your word to strengthen me ,
with you by my side i know that days won't be that hard .
You gave a me a fresh start.
I bless you lord with all my heart.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another day-jr

It's a new day full of opportunity 
that's why i will rejoice in the name of GOD .
I will sing a new song of praise from day to night
i will sing a song of praise .
I will rejoice myself under the wings of the Almighty one .
celebrate his name during all the day .
It's another day full of promises and opportunity
the Lord has prepared for me .
He has something new for me today .
what a joy to have a GOD like him
to serve and obey his commands.
It's a delight for my soul,to know  that  the one
who cares for me is always  by my side .
Sorrows  don't last for long as his words
give me the solution i need to overcome
hard times .
It's so good to be able to rely on him every time .
He's always there ..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hard time-jr

There's a lot of struggle in life ,that does not mean that you should give up.
There's a lot of pain daily,that does not mean that you should not forgive .
There's a lot of war ,that does not mean that you should not have hope for your future projects.
In life the battle is the lord when you call upon his name he is there and will make sure that you and yours are in security .
Hard times is only there to help us to grow .It will develop our mind and GOD will release his plans for us as we walk in his path .
Obedience is something that we have if we listen .No one can say my plan is better than GODs' .He is the creator of the universe and he knows what is good for us (it's not new).
Like a child obey to his father ,that's what GOD want from us a complete obedience to be able to hear his voice and know which way to go to be able to open the door of blessing .
No one has ever been able to make a rebel understand the secret of success(doesn't mean to be bless financially only)Success is to have a good health a loving family and  have good results in every spheres of our life .If one of these thing is not good in your life then you won't have complete joy .
Spritual,mental,social,financial.Those four sphere are attached together if there is lack in one there is no joy.GOD knows how you can have a complete joy and have an abundant life . Obedience is  how you can open doors to success and get rid of the hard time....

Friday, February 3, 2012

After The Storm-by Joannah rioux .
In life there has been ups and down
but i have tried
hard to always be up.
In life there has always been
pain and sorrows,
but i tried hard
to keep the happy days.
After a storm there's
always another chance
to restore it all again .
My storm is the trial of life
as i go through i know that i will
see the end sooner.
Everything comes to an end ,
Will it be sooner or later,
i don't know when it will happened
but what i know is that
i would prefer it to be sooner
than later .
Sooner is the one i prefer
simply because ,i want
to be filled with joy again
your joy that comes from
heaven above .
This will be my new
day after the storm.